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Onwards and upwards!

Greetings and salutations!

Well, I still exist! I’ve been missing the LOST community, and indeed that whole experience a lot of late. There’s been nothing like it since, and, I think it’ll be sometime before we see anything like it again. All I can say is, I’m glad to have been there at all.

What have I been up to? Still flitting between Sweden and the UK. I’ve been writing a lot more – I’m finishing up a novel, done a lot of short story stuff in various journals and so on. I’ve got a hopefully-helpful book about the quickest and easiest way to start an online craft-based business I’m self-publishing shortly (seriously, was it too predictable that I’d have something to sell?) And I’m really rather happy. Which is nice!

Will I ever podcast again? I’d love to. It’s knowing what to talk about, that’s the thing!

I’d love to catch up with you all – my contact details all still work, and those of you who still have podcasts, let me know! I could definitely user more listening material.

All the best, and back soon,


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Talking and Not Talking

…I know, I know, I missed the day itself. But, alas, being on time is not one of my better attributes.

I have wanted to podcast on LOST for months now, I keep popping up on Twitter and saying I’m going to do it, and then…not.

There are a few reasons. I suppose the main one is that I don’t want to say goodbye, and that that’s what it feels like I’d be doing.

I’ve been rewatching the first season, like so many others. It’s strange, it feels like a whole other show now, whilst, simultaneously, being just the show it always was. I can’t explain that much more except to say that it feels like both more than I assumed it would be, and less, smaller, than it might have been. I could explain in a few ways why that’s such a positive thing for me, but perhaps I should save that for the podcast; it could get rambly.

I also find it odd, with the hindsight its having ended brings, seeing how it might have gone, had the show been cancelled, say after season one or two. I really find that the most interesting thought of all. How would they have wrapped it up, in an emergency?

Another thing is that, well, I miss everyone. I miss everyone very much, talking so often, via the magic of the internet, with various amongst you, and tweeting day and night to you all. I miss that, and I fear that I’ve been so absent for so long, I might be rather redundant now!

I hear that there’s a new layer coming to LOST now, catching it in repeats, mainlining the box sets. This makes me super happy to hear, because, if anything, I think our show deserves a longevity like that. I hope the newer fans are finding the podcasts, enjoying the fact that this show has a vast online archive of everything everyone ever said and thought whilst it was on. I hope there are new podcasts still to be made, and new sites, and new retrospectives, if that isn’t too contradictory.

I bought that ‘LOST Humanity’ book, by Pearson Moore (seriously, it costs very little on Kindle, go, check it out!) and I hear there’s going to be a new Blackwell Popular Culture book on the show. There’ll always be things to say about LOST, I think, I hope. I don’t ever want to be too far away from them.

In the meantime, I have a new blog. It’s very new, but, it’s something I’ve wanted to get started for a long time, and, in a sense, that ‘wanted to get started for a long time’ is all part of the point! What is it they say, the more you do, the more you get done? Maybe it won’t be so long until I hit record again! But in the meantime, please come find me at – I want to get the plates spinning!

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…here, here, I’m here…

Thank you everyone for your emails, tweets, comments and all. I have missed this community so very much, during my absence. It’s been very strange, really. Firstly absence was enforced by my breaking of my laptop keyboard the very evening of the finale! Not clever, not at all. Then, after I eventually found a replacement…it has been difficult for me to come back. I missed my chance to participate in many of the podcasts I wanted to, and, I believe, my chance to say goodbye to some dear and appreciated friends made during the last two years, and especially since I began podcasting.

I’m back where it all began for What Katy Said as a podcast, looking out over a Swedish summer, enjoying frankly nauseating levels of heat and thinking about swimming and cycling and so on. I didn’t bring any LOST with me this time, but the second it’s out on DVD, I’ll watch Season 6 again.

I have a lot more to say, but I really did need time for it to settle. I found the reactions of many people to the finale very difficult to hear indeed, and there’s another reason I didn’t jump back into the swing of things.

I remain thrilled and moved by the end of LOST, and, the more perspective I get, the more pleased by it I am. I will podcast again, one day, some time, and not that far away, either, but not just yet (I forgot my microphone!). I really do miss everyone greatly, and hope that all is well, and that, for those of you who really were saddened by LOST’s end, you’ve found something else to fill the gap.

Speaking of which, Swedish telly is showing Twin Peaks incessantly. Definitely a show I need to watch again. And, in terms of quality new television, anyone who isn’t utterly, completely, stunningly in love with the latest Doctor Who needs their heads checking. You wanted a finale that did absolutely everything and a bit more on top of that? I thoroughly recommend the watching of it. Such a wonderful season; very excited to see more.

Post-LOST, the main TV series I fell back on was The West Wing. Is there anything more different? Still marvellous, marvellous viewing. Truly some perfect television in there, indeed.

And now, I must off for a glass of wine in the sunshine. Thank you again, everyone, for not giving up on me, and I’m sorry to have disappeared on many of you I owed at the very least, a thank you and goodbye.

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– What Katy said – Episode the Twenty-Eighth –

This is The End. Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to get to the blog post – but here is the link to my (very) instant reaction to watching LOST’s finale. It is incredibly short, and possibly quite sweet.

Download! – What Katy Said – Ep 28

I can’t believe it’s over. It does feel, too, as if something very big has stopped. I remain exceptionally happy with the end, and still as surprised as I was right after watching. I haven’t watched it a second time even, yet, but, once I have, I will podcast a little more. I have plenty left to say.

Meanwhile, though, thanks to all of you who’ve read and commented upon and emailed and Tweeted about this blog, and my podcast, and thanks to everyone who’s been such a good friend over the last year. It’s been immense. I’m aiming for a long goodbye. I’ll say this all again soon =)

~ What Katy Said – Episode the Twenty-Seventh ~

It seems that, once more, I am out of step with the world, with, wait for it, some rants about bits of What They Died For! Yes, that’s right, a touch of negativity crept into this week’s podcast, and you can hear it, along with my ensuing tussles of conscience and context, by downloading thus:

Download! What Katy Said – Episode 27

Things I forgot to mention this week include Josh Holloway’s lovely little moment, where Sawyer ponders his own responsibility for the deaths, Jack’s apparently all-consuming awesome, and the bloody mark on his neck.

In all, a little time, a little relief that pretty much everyone seemed happier with it than I initially was, and the finality of it all, drives me to be more content than I was a few hours ago when I finished this, but, nonetheless, I’m glad I record these before seeing how the tide is flowing! It’s a fascinating experience, sadly, shortly to end.

I also managed to catch the end of Matt/Donald/Heath (in absentia)/Len’s reaction podcast, which surely will be around on Talkshoe/the LPN shortly, and many thanks to them for having me, and also to them for doing such a great, thorough reaction podcast throughout the season.

I can’t believe we’re almost there…

~ What Katy Said – Episode the Twenty-Sixth ~

Across the Sea was so unexpected, for me, that I was, once more, practically lost for words when it came to podcasting on the episode!

But, I still managed to get 28 minutes-worth out…pondering, pondering, and bathing, in a sense, in the joy of seeing the show take its time again, relish the scenes it was showing us, give characters time to come through, and take a deep breath before, as it were, the plunge of the final three episodes.

Download! What Katy Said – Episode 26

~ What Katy Said – Episode the Twenty-Fifth ~

…and what an episode of LOST that was. Discoursing upon Season Six, Episode 14, The Candidate, I have tried to go through it a bit more this week, because there were so many scenes I kept forgetting them! An initial watch was, as usual, not enough, although reviewing was harder than in any LOST episode for quite some time.

It’s really sinking in for me how much this show is coming to an end. I love it, I love it. Next week seems very far away indeed.

Download! What Katy Said – Episode 25

Apologies to those of you for whom MediaFire is taking some time to present you with your download, and thanks to those of you who are patient enough to hold out for it!

~ What Katy Said – Episode the Twenty-Fourth ~

Goodness me, what a grey day it is in my brain! I try and work my way through a few of the torments and traumas of LOST-fandom in its final throes, eventually ending up the the usual goo of adoration for all and nervousness the nearness of The End.

Contemplating the hard times and the emotion or lack thereof, you too could listen to me panic all over 49 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back! Come, share my tiny crisis and hopes that everyone will be gloriously happy with their final episodes, however they may be!

Download! What Katy Said – Episode 24

Normal service, hopefully lighter and brighter and more interesting, will resume later in the week =)

~ What Katy Said – Episode the Twenty-Third ~

Yeah, so…yeah. That’s kind of how I feel, post-The Last Recruit. An enjoyable watching experience, and now I’ve got a headache and am not exactly sure as to what to say about it!

Much to discuss in the coming fortnight, I feel, so…let me know what you thought, and then perhaps I can better work out my own feelings!

In the meantime, hear my instant reaction at:
Download! What Katy Said – Episode 23

It’s but 29 minutes of your Earth time, and felt like a lot longer to me as I was endeavouring to make sense of it all XD

P.S. – the weekly corrections! Yes, ’tis true, and I am most thankful to those of you who’ve pointed out – MiB isn’t tied in Locke until after Jacob’s death thus could easily have appeared to Sun and Lapedis thus, and, further, isn’t on the boat at the same time as appearing to them nor constrained by water before! Nonetheless, I hope there’ll be a little more to come? A little? Still confused about some of the cabin stuff…